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  • Entrance, 2012

  • Half-Tepee, 2013

  • Rooftop, 2013

  • Nook, 2013

  • Living Space, 2013

  • Glass, 2013

  • Council, 2013

  • Lean-To, 2013

  • Fort, 2012

  • Hole, 2013

  • Cross, 2012

    I grew up in a rural community and spent countless days into summer nights exploring small isolated areas of wild earth. The woods became a secluded world, an intricate canvas for a child’s exploration and imagination. In adolescence, when innocence fades and social responsibilities rise, the woods become a place of privacy and refuge. New explorations take place with the body of another or in the chemistry of a drug.
    This series of photographs, A Thin Veil, is a body of work that transforms a private space into a fantastical realm. These images are a way of dramatizing a secret world. By synthesizing a heavenly glow in a scene during these twilight hours, I bring a liberating mood of sanctuary to the physical world. By highlighting the human evidence in each scene, I lift the subtle elements of escape from this life into the visibility and attention that they rarely achieve.